How do you use Café Coco Body Scrub?

  1. Soak yourself in the shower and wash making sure your skin is wet

  2. Turn the shower off

  3. Grab a handful of Café Coco Body Scrub and apply all over or just where you want to (Café Coco Body Scrub is suitable to use on your beautiful face too)

  4. Scrub gently in circular motions and focus on target areas such as back of arms, elbows, knees

  5. Wait for 5-10 minutes to allow your skin to drink in the goodness of these amazing ingredients

  6. Rinse thoroughly

  7. Reseal bag to keep the product fresh

What are the benefits of Café Coco Body Scrub?

Café Coco body scrub contains fresh coffee grounds and brown sugar to effectively exfoliate your skin giving you silky soft, adorable skin even after just one use. It sloughs away dead skin cells revealing soft smooth and hydrated skin. It's packed with many beautiful and natural ingredients including skin loving coconut oil, fragrant sweet orange essential oils, and antioxidant vitamin E oil so it also moisturises, tones, cleanses, smooths, polishes and perfects your skin. Café Coco body scrub helps target cellulite, acne, dehydrated skin, eczema and ingrown hairs! It is also great if you have keratosis polaris (that is when the back of your arms are all bumpy and rough!).

Why Coffee?

Coffee is an amazing cosmetic ingredient! It has been used for centuries due its amazing health benefits for your skin. It stimulates blood circulation making your skin vibrant, brighter and healthier as well as restricting blood vessels which helps to shrink fat cells making your skin less puffy, to look and feel smoother. Coffee is also a diuretic so it will help to clear away waste and toxins from under the skin surface. Great news for cellulite! A great way to detox your skin!

Is Café Coco Body Scrub suitable for everyone?

Yes! Although we do recommend doing a patch test 24 hours before full use. If you do have an allergic or an adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.

Whilst Café Coco Body Scrub is safe for pregnant women, lots of ladies waiting for their babies to make an appearance prefer to wait until after the event!

How often should I use Café Coco Body Scrub?

We recommend that you use the scrub up to 4 times a week on your body and no more than twice a week on your face.

Is Café Coco Body Scrub tested on animals?

Absolutely not! We do not and will not test on animals! Ever! All of our skin loving ingredients are locally sourced, organic and vegan.

Fake tan and Café Coco Body Scrub

Café Coco Body Scrub is fantastic to use before applying fake tan. It will remove those pesky dead skin cells and is perfect preparation for your skin prior to using fake tan.